A Prayer for my Shift Worker

Dear Lord,

Watch over my husband as he starts another week.
Twelve-hour nights and longer days, running on little sleep.
He’s working himself ragged, to provide, protect, and give.
Double-time and overtime, giving his life for us to live.
In the middle of his chaos, I want to cover him in prayer,
Remind and reassure him that You are always there.

Lord, be with my husband as he slips away into the night,
Open his tired eyes and give him Your clear sight.
Replenish his depleted energy and sustain his tired mind,
Give him wisdom as he completes his tasks as assigned.
As our home goes to sleep, give him peace in his heart,
He may not be at home, but we are never too far apart.

Lord, keep my husband healthy in and out of the gate,
Make his body strong and keep his mind in a good state.
Clear his lungs of pollution, leave no evidence or traces,
Steady his hands and feet when he climbs to high places.
Allow no illnesses or weakness to begin to creep in,
Hold him strong and stable until his shift ends.

Lord, keep my husband encouraged as he battles every day,
Surrounded by temptation, keep distractions out of his way.
Fill his control room with Your Spirit, make Yourself known,
Remind him of Your light that desperately needs to be shown.
Let his words fill the workplace with love, life, and light,
Steady his path on shift, lead him to do what is right.

Lord, keep my husband feeling loved, cherished, and known,
Refill, refuel, and refresh him when he returns home.
Let appreciation fill our house as he sacrifices to serve,
Help me to show him the love and grace that he deserves.
Thank you for my husband, He is my helpmate and my love.
Watch over my shift worker, Lord. Keep him safe from above.

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