Dear Mommy,

Dear Mommy,

I don’t see your belly, marked with scars or lines.
I see my old home, my sanctuary from Day 1 to Month 9.

I don’t see your lashes, how long, full, or light.
I see your eyes that shine, so warm and bright.

I don’t see the wrinkles or imperfections on your face.
I see big smile that speaks loves and glows with grace.

I don’t see your arms, weak or needing tone.
I feel a warm embrace, I feel a hug that is home.

I don’t see the dimples that sprinkle your skin.
I see a body that built me, that created me within.

You see, Mommy, I don’t remember times you scream and yell.
I don’t remember impatience, please don’t think you have failed.

I don’t remember lunches that are forgotten or lost.
I don’t remember details of parties or how much they cost.

You see, Mommy, I don’t remember things that you worry about.
I only remember a Mommy who reassures when I have doubts.

I remember a Mommy who loves bigger than the sky,
A Mommy who plays with me and tosses me up high.

A Mommy who always has time to snuggle and talk,
A Mommy who races me down the street when we go for a walk.

A Mommy who shows up to my school play,
A Mommy who prays over me when I had a bad day.

Mommy, please stop worrying, you’re the best Mommy there is,
And most of all Mommy, don’t forget that you are His.

You are loved, you were chosen, purposed and planned.
You were knitted and formed, perfectly by His Hand.

You were healed and made whole by our Father above,
No matter your past, you are incredibly loved.

You were prepared and equipped to be my Mommy and a wife,
You have a purpose, to make disciples and glorify God with your life.

So Mommy, look up, don’t be discouraged or feel down.
I love you Mommy, you make my world go ’round.



Your Baby


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